A TENBURY woman is joining the growing ranks of young mums going into business

As featured in Ludlow & Tenbury Wells Advertiser, 28th January

Jennifer Fish, aged 35, is putting her design skills to good use with her Activ Web Design business.

Working from home means that Jennifer can balance running a successful business with looking after her two young children, who are aged just four and six, and she also has a 16-year-old stepson.


“I really enjoy being able to operate from home because it means I can work and give time to the children,” said Jennifer, whose father Stephen Gough is well known in Tenbury, where he ran a grocery and general store for 32 years.

“The business gives me the chance to use my skills and helps small businesses and organisations to get on the web. I always go out and meet clients but the nature of web design means that I can work from home.

“Some people find it a strange way to work but the flexibility suits me. But it does mean that at times I will be working at four o’clock in the morning.”

Jennifer worked at the Ludlow Food Centre in Brimfield until last May.

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