Colin Reid explains the Activ SEO Franchise

“I invested in the ACTIV SEO franchise just over a month ago and have so far signed up 3 SEO clients, orders totaling £3600

The system is easy to use and the fact that I can do the SEO tasks anywhere is hugely appealing in terms of my future lifestyle plans

The offer to the end client is very attractive and I have found that once you engage in an initial conversation about how a business owner can grow their sales enquiries by effective, low cost online marketing, it is easy to get the business

I haven’t really started any major networking or marketing of my SEO business yet due to existing commitment’s, but I have found interest from existing contacts I already have and have utilised these contacts to make my first 3 sales. Which is basically networking on a small scale

Have confidence in the system and yourself , follow the advise Activ give you and you will succeed!”

Colin Reid, Activ SEO Franchisee, Colchester

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