An expected revenue of £40,000 in first year

Peter Mann shares his success

My name is Peter Mann and I operate Activ Web Design in Ipswich, I joined Activ about 16 weeks ago in early December of 2010 and so far I have found the experience to be extremely positive and lots of fun..

From a standing start I have sold 16 websites, which works out to be almost exactly 1 every week. One of the really encouraging things about Activ is that there clearly is a huge demand for websites and the market is hungry to buy the product that Activ has to sell.

If I continue at the rate I am doing then I am going to sell 50 websites this year, which is fantastic. I expect the revenue from website sales this year will be approaching £40,000, who knows what it will be in the second year?

The great thing is I am working when I want and choosing the hours I work. Being your own boss gives you a fantastic level of satisfaction. Yes I’m working hard, but I’m no longer doing it for other people. I’m doing it for myself, because I want to reap the rewards, rather than working really hard so someone else can benefit.

As far as selling is concerned, I don’t believe that you need to have a strong sales experience to succeed with Activ, it’s not a hard sell by any means it’s more of a consultancy role. Most small to medium sized business already understand the need to be online they understand the benefits to the business, in terms of showcasing the business, helping them stand out from the competition, helping to increase sales, footfall, revenue, profits, all of those good things, and the fact they are not already online is because of the perception and in some cases the reality that for small to medium size businesses to get online can be quite time consuming, can be very expensive and can be quite difficult.

At Activ Web Design we get clients online, very quickly, very affordably and without any difficulty. The job involves helping small business think big, it involves helping the smaller business take on the bigger brands and winning. The internet truly is a level playing field where as long as you look the part and create a good visitor experience people will believe in you.

Activ model definitely works all you need to do is apply it in the market place and you should be successful. I’m a pretty average sort of guy that through hard work is achieving my goals. I don’t see why it couldn’t be your experience as well provided you work hard and that you have the commitment and dedication to succeed.”

Thanks for your time, Peter Mann.

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