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Statistics have shown that changes in human behavior towards making regular lifestyle purchases has been proven to be more on the internet than ever before.

Retail analysts Verdict Research said that the amount of money spent by consumers shopping online increased by 35% to £14.7bn last year, the research group also claimed that faster cheaper internet access was driving the growth at the time and forecasts that sales would reach £44.9bn by 2012 about 13.8% of total spending.

When a group of 4,000 consumers where quizzed on online shopping most shared the reason that they wanted to make better use of leisure time.

So have local high street retailers seen a second income source? Or is there a fear for security and Investment when it comes to moving a business forward within the World Wide Web?

Now our customers are looking for the freedom to buy wherever and whenever.

The internet is the way that our customers see a face of a company, they make a choice to transact payments, buying without the hassle of battling through the busy city centre to make a purchase, New and Existing customers now need us to be online!

For example if you went on holiday and found the perfect jewelry supplier you wouldn’t travel back and forth to buy you would turn to the internet, why should our businesses lose out on repeat dealings when a customer cannot reach us face to face?

An online shop can add such a high advantage to a business as well as increase revenue, however small specialist retailers are avoiding to transact online sales as investing in an online shop is seen as too expensive despite the proven increase in a need from customers wanting to purchase items at leisure from the comfort of their own PC.

Wouldn’t you like to walk into work in the morning and open your inbox to a heap of orders that have come through your website over night? All entrepreneurs have dreams of the ability to make profits whilst asleep, this is exactly how!

An Online business never closes for lunch or takes a week off, it’s there to work efficiently and constantly for you, giving customer service 24/7. Providing you have kept it healthy for your customers use and find why would anyone buy anywhere else?

Some design companies offer packages with stock management and shipping information so it’s simple to track performance so for a one off fixed price an online shop would surely pay for itself as Easy Access is Easy Revenue.

Does your business have the capability to reach a global audience at a fast rate? Just think how expensive it would be to place an advert in every town around the world? A website or ecommerce website enables extensive exposure and is an important characteristic when wanting to increase sales and revenue within your organization, so what are you waiting for, give your customers the gift to buy wherever and whenever with you.

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