The Budget – Is it the Entrepreneurs Budget?

The recent Budget is being viewed as the ‘Entrepreneurs Budget’ by businesses up and down the country.

It has ensured the rewards of setting up your own business are much more attractive than it was 24 hours ago as George Osborne has announced:

- Tax cuts for businesses

- More funding for businesses

- Increased lending for businesses

With high unemployment and increasing redundancies, is now the time to do something for yourself?

Start up businesses have been given a helping hand to kick start the economy whilst ensuring people just like you can take control of their future.

The Chancellor has described it as the ‘Budget for Growth’. What do you think? Share your views BELOW

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2 Responses to “The Budget – Is it the Entrepreneurs Budget?”

  1. Jossy Says:

    Ive struggled running my business over the last couple of years, however I am delighted with todays news


  2. Jim Says:

    It looks a great budget for me


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