Why do people work for themsleves?

We get asked all the time, what is it like running your own business?

A recent survey between a group of our franchisees reported the following:

-       8% enjoyed the flexibility of choosing their own working hours

-       21% enjoyed the new challenge

-       12% enjoyed being their own boss and being in charge

-       3% said no day is ever the same

-       8% enjoyed meeting new people

-       However a whopping…. 35% stated what they liked best was WORKING FROM HOME.

Below are some of the reasons why:

“ I like being able to stay in bed until my wife has gone to work!”

“ I get to see the kids more”

“I was fed up of travelling all over the world”

“I get to work on my laptop whilst lying on the sofa”

“I’m just about to have a baby and being able to work from home means I can earn and be a Mum”

“I can operate this business when we go to our Villa in Spain”

Activ operates a range of Internet businesses. Each business is slightly different, however they all allow you the flexibility to work when you want, how you want and from where you want. Feel free to check them out below and decide which one suits you the best:

-       Business Opportunity 1

-       Business Opportunity 2

-       Business Opportunity 3

-       Business Opportunity 4

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