Becoming a franchisee

Let’s start at the very beginning of this top digital marketing franchise

When the activ Digital Marketing Franchise was first launched in 2008, we were one of the first companies to offer self-employed opportunities to those seeking to run their own business with a solid financial backing. We were first to offer low cost, fixed price digital marketing packages, including websites and search engine optimisation packages. We helped small businesses access professional and affordable digital marketing options through their local franchisee. We continue to do this to this very day.

As the internet has evolved and more competition is apparent, our franchisees are no longer just offering a single service to small businesses. They are fully trained marketing consultants offering a comprehensive range of both traditional and digital marketing services to small, medium and large organisations. Our ongoing support, training and ability to stay ahead of current trends is what makes us one of the best UK franchises. 

The scope of services, and our franchisee skillset now covers SEO, PPC, website design, platform development, eCommerce solutions, social media management, paid social media campaigns, email marketing, branding, marketing planning, copywriting, influencer marketing and PR to name just a few.

At fully competitive rates to the client with a local consultancy approach, we are really well placed to continue to offer self-employed opportunities through our top digital marketing franchise network and will continue to support forward thinking solutions to clients this year and for many more years to come. 

If you’re becoming tired of searching for marketing consultant jobs and not finding anything that challenges you, take a look at the opportunity of joining one of the best UK franchises and contact us with any questions. We’re available to talk, today!

What’s the opportunity?

5.9 million small UK businesses

At the start of 2020, there were 5.9 million small businesses in the UK which had increased by 113,000 business since 2019*.

 This is the size of your potential client base with our digital marketing franchise.

Business growth of £30k per year

It’s estimated around 2 million of these small businesses don’t have a website presence and could be missing out on business growth and turnover in excess of £30k per year because of it*.

This is just one of the services you could be offering them as a digital marketing consultant.

84% of shoppers head online

84% of shoppers head online to research a product or service before buying, which is growing year on year. It’s so important for local businesses to be part of that online community and continue to compete*.

*Source: Hubspot 2021.


If you imagine your local high street as an example of your target market. How many cafes, independent shops, beauty parlours, hairdressers, bars, community clubs, or professional services can you make a list of and determine whether or not they have a website? Or any online or digital presence? This is the size of just one part of your local business opportunity with our franchise marketing company.

The thought of running your own business can often leave even the most enthusiastic entrepreneurs in a cold sweat as there are often many things to do outside of your comfort zone and you may have limited experience. That’s ok!

It is vital you succeed and we are there to assist you every step of the way. The beauty of a franchise model when considering self employed opportunities is that you are dealing with a proven business that has worked time and time again, already.

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How do I find clients?

Without clients, it difficult to make your local business work and that’s where the support from our head office marketing comes into its own.

Full sales and marketing advice on how to generate clients.
Your own local website for your area.
Your own logo and fully personalised marketing materials.
Sales methods to convert leads into clients as your business evolves.
Constant ongoing training and assistance through an advanced mentoring program.
Marketing methods to generate leads with a full support package available for a small extra fee.

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