Building a website for your client with franchise backing

According to recent data from What Franchise 93% of franchisees are running profitable businesses and one of the top reasons for their success is down to having the backed up support from their franchisor head offices. 

Starting your own business as a franchisee can certainly take away the anxiety of starting out on your own. You’re given a toolkit, branding, materials and much more to get started with ease and make your way in the entrepreneurial world.

activ Franchise is a digital marketing agency opportunity for entrepreneurs who have a small amount of capital to start their own business but with the added benefit of a head office support team. The ideal way to branch out into business ownership. With our unique opportunity, you’re given branding, an entire region of the UK to target your clients, access to an experienced marketing team, access to additional specialists and moreover access to an experienced technical team.

Our technical team come with years of design and website development experience under their collective belts who never stop learning. They are constantly keeping on top of the latest trends, design elements and new plugins to complement our WordPress builds. Our team has supported thousands of website launches for our franchisees and direct clients since 2008 and keep them running safely and securely through sufficient hosting packages. 

When you become a franchisee with us, you don’t even need to have the knowledge about how to build a website yourself thanks to the technical know-how of our activ specialists. Here’s how the scenario might look with a potential new client:

Your responsibilities

  • Selling a website package to a prospective client
  • Putting together a new website brief for your client to share with the technical team
  • Liaising between the technical team and the client

Technical team responsibilities

  • Translating the brief 
  • Designing a new website based on the client brand
  • Building of the new website including all pages and functionality
  • Testing the new website
  • Launching the new website and checking for bugs
  • Continuing to host the new website for the client
  • Managing client amends from the project

They’ll take all the stress and confusion out of the project for you and ensure it’s delivered on time to an extremely high standard. Think of them as your extended team. 

Nothing is out of scope for our website developers, they’ve worked on extremely large projects requiring cutting edge technology and very small business projects only requiring 2-3 pages. Websites are designed entirely with the client in mind and there are several ‘off the shelf’ packages or the ability to build something completely bespoke. 

You can take a look at what our clients might be looking at in a website design package via activ Digital marketing. 

Or, if you’re looking to be inspired, take a look at our extensive client list, all of which could be projects to put your own name to when you become a franchisee with activ Marketing Group. 

Full details of how to apply can be found here.

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