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Supporting people with web design services is at the heart of what we do.


Charity Support

At activ Franchise, our commitment to ethics, care, and genuine support shines through in our work with communities, franchisees, team, and clients. We believe in making the world a better place through acts of kindness and are dedicated to giving back using our available resources. Each year, we support a charity that focus on helping people, through our Charity of the Year campaign, chosen for their local impact or personal significance.

Our Charitable Initiatives

2021: Supporting SCUFF

We supported SCUFF, The Scar Cover Up Freedom Foundation, with funding to support tattoo coverups for self-harm scars, aiding in healing and boosting confidence. Our Franchisor, Katie Bullon, raised over £7000 through a fundraising walk in memory of a special friend.

2022: Supporting Halstead Community Shed

In 2022, we created a website for Halstead Community Shed, a charity providing a safe space for DIY projects, skill-sharing, and community building to support men's mental health. Their new website helps them connect and support their mission effectively.

2023: Supporting Narcolepsy UK

We extended our support to Narcolepsy UK in 2023, enhancing their online presence to ensure their critical resources and support services are easily accessible. This was chosen as it's very close to our hearts. Visit their website.

2024: Supporting The Huggard Centre

For 2024, we chose the Huggard Centre in Cardiff as our Charity of the Year, as this is where we are located. One of our franchisees nominated this charity due to the rising cost of living, which affects so many people at the moment. The Huggard Centre provides crucial support and services for the homeless community. We're excited to assist them with a new website and hosting, helping them reach more people in need.

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