Discover The Benefits of Joining Us at Our Annual Franchise Forum

A Gathering of Minds and Opportunities in Bristol

On May 1st, 2024, the vibrant city of Bristol became the hub of inspiration and innovation as we hosted our Annual Franchise Forum (AFF). This much-anticipated event brought together our franchisees from all corners of the nation, celebrating their successes, and sharing invaluable insights. 

Why Franchisees Love activ – the best marketing franchise in the uk?

Franchisee Satisfaction at an All-Time High

      The forum kicked off with a bang as it was revealed that activ boasts an impressive 82% franchisee satisfaction rate, according to a survey by WorkBuzz. This high satisfaction rate speaks volumes about the support and resources available to every franchisee, ensuring that they can thrive and feel content within the activ community. For potential franchisees, this is a strong indicator of the positive experience awaiting them.

      Reflecting on Success and Looking Ahead

      A comprehensive review of the past year highlighted key achievements and areas for growth. As the new marketing and business plan for 2024/25 was unveiled, franchisees could see the ambitious, yet strategic goals set for the future. Newcomers to activ can be assured that they are stepping into a well-planned and forward-thinking environment, ready to support their business ventures from the outset.

      Inspiration from the Top

        Katie Bullon, our Managing Director, led an inspiring session on fostering a growth mindset. Katie’s decade-long journey with activ has equipped her with unique insights into overcoming challenges and driving both personal and professional growth. Her session left attendees motivated and ready to apply these principles in their franchises.

        Learning from the Best: Expert Presentations

        The forum featured presentations from three standout franchisees who shared their expertise on crucial topics:

        • Lisa from North Essex: Effective networking strategies
        • Jen from Ludlow: Creating engaging Instagram Reels
        • Mark from Kingston: SEO tactics to boost online visibility.

        These sessions highlighted the collaborative and supportive nature of the activ franchise, where sharing best practices is the norm. As a new franchisee, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from the successes of others and apply these insights to your own business.

        Capturing the Spirit of activ

        The event also saw the production of a new franchise show reel, capturing the dynamic spirit of the activ community. Professional photographers and cameramen were on hand to create high-quality content that will be invaluable for new franchisees in promoting their businesses right from the start.

        Commitment to Continuous Learning: Training and Development

        Tom and Mark from our team presented the comprehensive training schedule for the upcoming year, part of our internal CPD scheme. This robust training program is designed to equip franchisees with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel. With this kind of ongoing support, new franchisees can confidently navigate their journey with activ.

        Celebrating Excellence

        A highlight of the forum was the activ Awards, celebrating the exceptional performance of four outstanding franchisees. These awards not only recognise hard work and success but also inspire others within the network to strive for excellence. As a new member of the activ family, these stories of success will motivate you to achieve your best.

        Ready to Join?

        The Annual Franchise Forum was a testament to the vibrant, supportive, and ambitious network that we think makes us the best marketing franchise in the UK. 

        For those looking to balance a rewarding career with the freedom of running their own business, there’s no better time to join activ.

        Explore more about the opportunities and support available by downloading our prospectus or contacting us here

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