How branding works within a franchise

When you’re considering self-employed opportunities, some of the top UK franchises are usually a great option to research. The best UK franchises will have an off-the-shelf business ready for you to invest in with a number of support packages in place so you can hit the ground running. activ Digital Marketing Franchise is no different. As an online marketing franchise, we’re really proud of the opportunity we offer entrepreneurs and the ongoing training and development we’re committed to delivering. 

When you start to explore what it takes to be your own boss, you might find that you’re often put off by the investment level you require to get started. There are numerous costs associated with starting your own business but with our small upfront investment, you can be sure that branding costs are included and won’t be one of your ongoing outgoings. But what is branding and how does it work within a franchised business?

A brand is the perception that customers, potential customers and internal team members have of your business. It’s relatively intangible as a concept, but it’s used to help people identify your company or product. A brand executed well should be emulated across all of your marketing outputs and even determine operational aspects of the business from how you manage customer service to instilling a positive team culture. 

When you decide to embark on becoming a franchisee with activ Digital Marketing Franchise then you can be assured that your branding is all taken care of. It’s one of the many advantages of partnering with our online marketing franchise. You will have access to:

  • Your own activ Digital Marketing logo with your location added
  • Fully branded website with all products and services included
  • Access to your own branded business card
  • Access to a Digital Business Card
  • Branded zoom call backgrounds
  • Branded flyers to advertise a number of your services locally
  • Branded roller banners for you to use at events

And that’s just for starters!

Part of developing a brand ensures that you remain responsible and accountable to your business vision, mission and stated values. We believe this is why our business culture is so healthy at activ and what gives us the opportunity to work collaboratively with our franchisees.

Our vision – to offer flexibility, profitability and inspiration for future entrepreneurs to run their own marketing business. 

Our mission – is to support our ever-growing family of franchisees through training, specialist support, technical know-how and on-going campaigns so that they can fully service their clients in a digital capacity.

Our values – to be champions of the work-life balance and to always remember that training and support are paramount to business success – for both parties. 

Maintenance and protection of the activ brand is also an ongoing process. We’re in it together so if something negative happens to impact our activ brand, then it impacts us all as the franchisor and franchisees. Our Managing Director, Katie Bullon, has a wealth of brand marketing experience so we are constantly monitoring what’s being said about us in the marketplace as well as spreading positive news about successful franchisees, more of which you can read here and all of their client work, which you can read about within our portfolio. As a digital marketing franchise, we’re all responsible for ensuring our brand is represented in line with our core values, our promise is that we will support you, as a franchisee, to continue to achieve this day after day and year after year.

To find out more about our franchise marketing company and the opportunity it presents, visit our financials section. If you’d like to dive right in and ask us some questions, we’re all ears

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