How to be your own boss at activ

If you’ve come back to work feeling rather deflated after the merriment of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, perhaps it’s time for a new challenge? Let us save you the hassle of googling ‘be your own boss ideas’ in 2023 and demonstrate just what it takes to be your own boss at a top digital marketing franchise with activ.

Here are our top tips to be your own boss in 2023 with the added backing of the activ franchise network:

  1. Research

Whether you’re about to quit your full time position or have already left with your redundancy package to hand, it’s still really crucial to do your research and secure the perfect opportunity you’ve been dreaming of. From industry developments and staying on top of the latest trends, to researching the right way that a franchise should operate, due diligence is really important before taking the plunge. We’re here to help if a franchise is something you’d like to consider and will help you cover all bases.

  1. Set yourself goals

Gone are the days where a line manager sets KPIs for your personal development and asks you how you’re going to impact the business. Now, it’s just you… and the activ franchise team of course. Setting yourself some goals to achieve both personally and within your digital marketing franchise can aid to keep things ticking over just as they should. With access to the head office team at activ, setting your goals to be your own boss needn’t be so lonely with regular coaching and training provided.

  1. Stay on top of your finances

The beauty of researching be your own boss ideas and discovering activ franchise, is that there is minimal investment required to join an amazing team of people all working towards the same goal; business success. Besides your initial investment, you may need to consider a small business loan, researching grant opportunities, seeking investment or setting up a partnership with a local accounting firm. Support will always be given to you should you require it at activ.

  1. Network

Making new connections and maintaining existing ones can be hugely important to the success of your business. activ can help you on your mission to becoming your own boss by providing sales leads within your allocated geography and supporting you in delivering some of the work for your newly onboarded clients. You’ll also have access to a Digital Business Card making networking even easier to do from afar.

  1. Build on your skills

Whether you’re embarking on a new marketing career or have worked in marketing for some time, the landscape is constantly changing so you need to stay on top of your skills and personal development. Just take the launch and ongoing growth of TikTok as an example! activ franchise provides our franchisees with ongoing opportunities to learn new skills from our expert teams at head office, as well as the opportunity for one on one coaching to tackle specific technical issues for you and your clients. We’ll all never stop learning, together!

  1. Set yourself a schedule

The reliance on the 9-5 is out of the window. Relish in the ability to set your own hours and make your clients and colleagues aware of your availability. Flexibility is key when you become your own boss, so make sure it works for you!

If the prospect to be your own boss sounds exciting and something you’d love to get stuck into for 2023 and beyond, we’d love to hear from you. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have, no matter how weird or wonderful and help form part of your well-researched business decisions.

Find out more and contact the team for details today. Let’s go 2023!

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