The importance of good technical support

When it comes to running a franchise marketing company who specialise in website design, development, hosting and support, it’s crucial to understand the level of technical support available to you from head office. The last thing you need is for a client’s website to go offline and not have the team in place to help you get it back up and running. The stress!

Here at activ, we are one of the only UK-based digital marketing franchises to offer full technical support from our experienced head office team, here’s why it’s important to consider having this support in place when you’re thinking about an online marketing franchise:

You’ll never be on hold to a call centre

We’re really proud to have a team of professional technical wizards who can fix your issue quickly and rectify it so it won’t happen again. We use a handy ticketing system so you can prioritise bugs or fixes according to their urgency, which are processed and fixed by the team. There’s also nothing stopping you from picking up the phone and chatting to one of them directly or sharing your screen over zoom to demonstrate the problem.

Nothing is too strange

If you’ve got a bit of a head scratcher, that won’t scare them off. Hosting thousands of websites since 2008 means that they’ve been there, done that (and they might even be wearing the t-shirt!), so nothing will phase them. Some of the team have been with us since the very beginning too so there’s a whole load of activ historical experience to tap into.

99.9% up time

We realise this is a big boast! But it’s true. Our servers benefit from a 99.9% up time so a client’s website is very unlikely to ever spend any time offline. This is vital to businesses of all sizes in the current 24-7 competitive marketplace.

We’ve got your back

Website backups and updates are all taken of on a regular basis, so this is something you’ll never have to give a second thought to. It’ll be done and dusted so you can feel confident that your client is getting the very best service.

Cost efficiencies

The combined years of website development, technical know-how and consistent growth of knowledge between the team is astounding. This means that they have the experience to build a website in the best and most cost-effective way for your client’s business, whilst operating seamlessly.


If your franchise marketing company is doing so well that you can’t possibly take on another website design and build project at the moment, you can outsource the whole thing to head office. Working with both franchisees and direct clients on their online presence is an absolute speciality of ours and we’d be happy to support you and your client with a top notch service.

If the idea of having to hold your own technical expertise has been keeping you from running your own marketing franchise, we think we’ve given you enough reason to explore the idea further. There’s no pressure for you to understand how all the techy stuff works, that’s what we’re here for and our focus is on performing as a team to keep the client front and centre of our minds. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a franchisee with one of the top UK franchises, then we think a browse of our Frequently Asked Questions is a good place to begin.

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