We have joined the Quality Franchise Association

It’s official, we are now members of the Quality Franchise Association (QFA) benefiting existing franchisees, future franchisees and of course our clients.  

The QFA is a not for profit, trade association that assists franchise businesses across the UK promoting ethical franchising.  In several countries around the world, franchising is government regulated however this is not the case in the UK.  Instead, independent associations like the QFA provide support and guidance for all parties involved in a franchise business. 

To join the QFA we had to meet a range of criteria and agree to their code of conduct.  This brings certainty to both clients and future franchise partners that we are being regulated to make sure our delivery of services is fair and ethical.  Each QFA member has been individually vetted by a franchising professional to ensure we are abiding by the code of conduct.  The QFA badge in our footer demonstrates to you that we are committed to ethical franchising. 

Below are just some of the code of conduct criteria we are committed to following:

  1. Have sufficient knowledge and experience within their business prior to creation of a franchise network.
  2. Financial stability.
  3. When advertising to recruit franchisees, any material should not contain misleading statements.
  4. Franchise recruitment advertising that relates to earning potential should not be misleading and how the figures have been created should be made clear to prospective franchisees.  
  5. The franchise agreement should clearly set-out both parties initial and ongoing obligations and also ensure the protection of the franchise brand, business and franchise network.
  6. Deliver the obligations to train and support the franchisee as detailed in the terms of the franchise agreement and operations manual which constitutes the entirety of the legal agreement between franchise and franchisee.
  7. Not to discriminate against any individuals in the provision of services and/or the selection of the franchisee.


With these rules in place you can rest assured that Activ are doing all they can to make your transition into the business as smooth as possible.  

If you want to read more about the QFA then click here. 

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