Your role as a franchisee – how does it work?

The UK franchising industry is thriving, driven by the rise in self-employment and the desire to have a more flexible working pattern and more attractive work-life balance. Becoming a franchisee can often remove some of the initial fear (usually financial concerns) about starting up on your own and securely offer you support to setup your business and continue to grow. 

At activ, becoming a franchisee is no different and there are lots of benefits to starting your own marketing agency with us. Sometimes, it can be difficult to pinpoint what your role is as the franchisee and how it works day-to-day, so we’ve put together a small checklist to help you understand how we fit together. 

  • It’s a partnership

When you’re considering a franchise business, it’s important to note that it’s more of a partnership rather than you setting up and running your own business from scratch. Simply put, a franchisee has the right or licence granted by us (the franchisor) to market and trade services in a specific territory of the UK and Ireland.  We’ll be there every step of your business journey, as much as you want us to be. Think of us as your business mentor. 

  • There’s an agreement

Before we can get started, there’s a franchise agreement to be signed by you (the franchisee) and us (the franchisor). The agreement sets out some promises from us to continue to support you with training, services support, technical support and up-to-date industry knowledge. There are also some promises from you with regards to service levels, use of the activ brand and working within your own territory. 

  • Your territory

We’ve mentioned it a couple of times so far, but when you become a franchisee with activ, you’re allocated a completely exclusive territory of the UK or Ireland. This is all agreed beforehand, providing you with a territorial report of what postcodes you can service and essentially use as your potential client list. 

  •  The fee

One of our key priorities with our franchisees is to always remain transparent, so we have no intention of pulling the wool over your eyes when it comes to fees. There is an initial upfront investment with activ of £6,995 + VAT, but what you receive in return is extremely valuable in helping your business to succeed for the long-term. You can read more about what it costs to become a franchisee with us here.

  • You’re not alone

It’s important to mention that you have access to an entire head office team of marketing professionals, technical experts and website developers, so if you really wanted to, you could outsource all of your client work to us and simply manage the communication process with the client. Our franchisees make a minimum 50% margin on the majority of our marketing services so if you want to focus on sales only, it’s totally up to you. Equally, you can work entirely independently and complete all of the work yourself, keeping 100% of your profits. 

Starting your own business doesn’t mean you have to think of everything on your own. A franchise is the perfect opportunity to start out with a full-suite of services to sell, ongoing training programmes, technical setup and know-how, unlimited earning potential and an exclusive territory. Those are just a few examples of where activ can offer support for you to start your own marketing agency.

If you have more questions, that’s OK! It’s a big decision. We’re here to chat and help you with your queries. Contact us for a ‘no strings attached’ chat today. 

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