Ciaran – Franchise Story

Learn more about Ciaran’s experience with activ, having been a franchisee for 14 years.


What were your reasons behind researching starting your own business and specifically a franchise business?

I aspired to run my own business independently, and the appeal of a franchise was the opportunity to do so with the invaluable support and knowledge of a seasoned team.

What was it that appealed to you about activ?

The quick creation of professional websites for business owners was a key draw. The confidence and security derived from activ's extensive team knowledge provided a strong foundation. Additionally, the transparent pricing structure from activ instilled confidence in pricing our services.

How did you find the start-up process in getting your business off the ground?

The initial training and introduction day were pivotal, setting the stage for a positive start. Thanks to the robust support from the activ team, I was able to hit the ground running, selling websites right from the outset.

With your business now 14 years old, how have you found being a franchisee and would you recommend this to others in a similar position?

Over the past 14 years, Activ's support has been exceptional. The server management support has been fantastic, marked by responsiveness, effective communication, and timely issue resolution. The depth of knowledge within the development team has been instrumental, enabling us to craft bespoke solutions for our clients. Trusting activ for ongoing support and networking in the ever-evolving web development landscape has been a of great value to our success.

Do you have any words of wisdom for other budding entrepreneurs considering a franchise option?

Joining a web development franchise allows you to provide professional websites while benefiting from immediate support and continuous knowledge growth. A structured pricing model, as provided by activ, is essential for navigating the challenges of pricing jobs. The ongoing support from the franchisee team has proven invaluable for tackling technical queries in this dynamic industry.

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