Franchisee Support Panel

We have been doing this a long time. More than ever before however, entrepreneurs are managing more than just their business. Life places certain expectations on us all. Be that care giving, social requirements, the list goes on.

Our franchisee support panel is a new feature at activ which is a team of carefully selected professionals who are available at intervals to support our franchises with personal and professional growth.

The most appropriate panel members will be selected for each induction based on franchisee requirements.

Our panel covers topics such as:

Accountant and Franchisee Support Specialist

Hannah Simpson

Meet Hannah Simpson, an accomplished accountant dedicated to empowering franchisees on their self-employed journeys. With over a decade of experience in financial management and a passion for helping others succeed, Hannah brings a wealth of expertise to the activ Franchise support panel.

Hannah's commitment to excellence is evident in her personalised approach to client service. She understands the unique challenges and opportunities faced by franchisees and works diligently to provide tailored financial guidance and support. Whether it's navigating tax obligations, optimising cash flow, or planning for growth, Hannah is there every step of the way to ensure franchisees have the resources and knowledge they need to thrive.

With Hannah Simpson on your side, you can rest assured that your financial matters are in capable hands. Her dedication to your success and unwavering support make her an invaluable asset to the activ Franchise community.
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Business Coach and Change Management Expert

Lucy Clementson-Mills

Lucy Clementson-Mills is a seasoned business coach and change management expert dedicated to supporting franchisees as they transition into self-employment. With a wealth of experience in guiding individuals through transformative career changes, Lucy brings a unique blend of insight and practical wisdom to the activ Franchise support panel.

Lucy's expertise lies in helping individuals navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship and adapt to the challenges of running their own businesses. As a trusted advisor, she provides tailored coaching and strategic guidance to empower franchisees to thrive in their new roles.

With Lucy's support, franchisees gain the confidence and skills needed to overcome obstacles, seize opportunities, and achieve their business goals.

Whether it's developing a growth mindset, refining business strategies, or managing change effectively, Lucy is there every step of the way to ensure franchisees have the tools they need to succeed.
PR and Communications Specialist

Laura Goode

Meet Laura Goode, a seasoned PR and communications specialist with a passion for helping franchisees create the balanced life they desire.

Drawing from her extensive experience in strategic communication and public relations, Laura brings a unique perspective to the activ Franchise support panel.

Laura understands that running a franchise business can be demanding, especially for those juggling additional responsibilities such as caring for a family or pursuing other interests outside of work. With her expertise in work-life balance, Laura provides tailored support and guidance to help franchisees thrive in both their professional and personal lives.

Laura's approach is rooted in empathy and understanding, empowering franchisees to prioritise their well-being while achieving their business goals.

Whether it's crafting compelling PR strategies or finding ways to integrate work with other aspects of life, Laura is dedicated to helping franchisees create the fulfilling and balanced life they deserve.
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Experienced Franchisee Turned Owner and Franchisor

Katie Bullon

Meet Katie Bullon, a dynamic entrepreneur who has walked the path from activ franchisee to owner and franchisor of activ Franchise since January 2021. With a firsthand understanding of the challenges and triumphs of being a franchisee, Katie is uniquely positioned to support the future success of the franchise and all who join it.

Having been in the shoes of a franchisee herself, Katie is deeply committed to mentoring others along their journey from joining to becoming successful franchisees.

Her wealth of experience and dedication to the franchise's growth make her an invaluable resource for those looking to embark on their own entrepreneurial ventures within activ Franchise.

Katie leads the inductions of new franchisees and ongoing is a supportive guide who understands your journey firsthand. She is committed to helping you achieve your goals as a franchisee both for launch and in the long term. Join us at activ Franchise and let Katie mentor you towards success.

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