Frequently Asked Questions

Our standard sign up fee is £14,995+VAT.
It takes hard work and dedication to make any business succeed. A franchise does give you a stronger grounding and a head start to going it alone. It is not unrealistic to think you could turnover over £5000/month after 6 months.
We have been running since 2008 as activ web design. But the market and marketing has changed. We have had to move into a new arena and bring in the marketing expertise to move us away from being just about web design. In January 2021 we brought in new Managing Director Katie Bullon, a long standing marketing professional with particular experience of growth and re-branding of large organisations. Not only that, Katie’s most recent career move has been as an activ franchisee since 2014. Given her variety of experience she was best placed to take activ forward. The business rebranded in summer 2021, has an enhanced team (along with the existing, long serving and loyal team), and extended services. The new era of activ is exciting and it’s a great time to join. We have strong foundations and a bright innovative future!
We have franchisees with a wide variety of backgrounds, from HR, admin, finance, sales, software development, aerospace, to name but a few. The beauty of activ is that you can tailor how you operate your franchise to capitalise on your skills. If you want to focus on sales, the head office can fulfil all client work on your behalf and take a cut. If you want to build websites yourself, you can do so and the head office will just host, maintain and update your client’s sits and take a much lesser fee. The choice is yours. We can help you define your growth strategy.
We have been running since 2008 making us the longest UK digital marketing franchise. We have serviced literally thousands of clients in that time.
Our 3 originating head office team members have 28 years service between them! They know the business inside and out and they are amazing.
Yes! Our three longest serving franchisees have 39 years ‘service’ combined and have over 400 live clients between them.
Totally. The beauty of this for those with a marketing background is that you can sit in the middle and offer the services of a full agency without employing anyone. Tech support is covered, along with the fulfilment of the marketing services you don’t want to do yourself. You can sit in the middle, plan, and project manage your clients with a full team behind you. You set your client’s pricing and pick and choose from our fixed price list which of those services head office fulfil for you. It could not be more perfect. We have an established brand for you to trade as, or ask about while labelling options.

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