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Below are some of the questions we get asked most often about joining our online marketing franchise. These should answer any queries you may have but you can also book a discovery call any time for an informal chat to ask us anything about joining our online marketing franchise.

You cannot of course deny that a marketing degree gives great knowledge. But, this is not necessary for our franchisees in order to become marketing experts. You’re investing in your future by joining activ and this too involves training and accreditation to show your gained knowledge and expertise. 

We run bi-weekly training modules for franchisees which cover the most up to date trends and changes within marketing, as well as the basic fundamentals of business. Franchisees are expected to attend training webinars or read up on the topics afterwards and complete subject assessment which means that they are a fully refined and accredited marketing professional. 

Totally. Our consultant marketing franchise is ideal for those with a marketing background. As and experienced marketing professional, you can sit in the middle and offer the services of a full agency without employing anyone and grow your business with minimal risk and administration. Technical support is covered, along with the fulfilment of the marketing services you don’t want to do yourself. You can sit in the middle, plan, and project manage your clients with a full team behind you. You set your client’s pricing and pick and choose from our fixed price list which of those services head office fulfil for you. It could not be more perfect. We have an established brand for you to trade as, without losing your consultant identity,  if you choose the consultant franchise option.

Yes! This is the perfect model to support the growth of your business to the next level. activ allows you to do as much or as little of the work for your client yourself so you can choose which work you continue to do yourself, and which work you outsource to your plug in head office team.

Don’t worry though, you maintain control and contact with your client as well as invoicing (if you want to!).

We have franchisees with a wide variety of backgrounds, from HR, admin, finance, sales, software development, aerospace, to name but a few. The beauty of activ is that you can tailor how you operate your franchise to capitalise on your skills. If you want to focus on sales, the head office can fulfil all client work on your behalf and take a cut. If you want to build websites yourself, you can do so and the head office will just host, maintain and update your client’s sites and take a much lesser fee. The choice is yours. We can help you define your growth strategy. Plug-in to the team as and when you want to.

How much you earn depends on how much you put into your business. A franchise gives you a stronger grounding and a head start to going it alone. It is not unrealistic to think you could turnover over £5000/month after six months.

We have been running since 2008 making us the longest UK digital marketing franchise. We have serviced literally thousands of clients in that time.

Three of our originating head office team members have 28 years service between them! They know the business inside and out and are in a strong position to continue supporting franchisees and clients as the business grows.

Yes! Our three longest serving franchisees have 45 years ‘service’ combined and have over 500 live clients between them.

Don’t worry, many of our franchisees have never run a business before joining activ. As part of your induction and training period you get a series of 1-2-1 online sessions with our MD Katie Bullon. Katie is a former franchisee who operated her South Wales based franchise from 2014 before she bought out the entire business in 2021. She is well placed to advise on how to run your business and what needs to be done at each stage.  Even after these sessions Katie and our head office team are always on hand to help and advise. 

The beauty of being part of a franchise like activ is that you don’t have to worry about this. Any significant industry changes that we feel need to be rolled out in the work we do for clients will be reviewed and rolled out to our entire network by head office. This may be in the form of an email update so you have the most up to date information for clients, or in more detail within a training workshop. 

Either way, this is a huge benefit of being part of a franchise rather than going it alone.

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