The Holdens Retire on a High

After a fulfilling and prosperous 15-year journey at the helm of activ Digital Marketing Hertfordshire, Cecilia and John Holden have decided to retire, marking the end of an era for the franchisee’s in the home counties.

Reflecting on their remarkable journey, Cecilia and John expressed their gratitude for the enriching experiences and the sense of freedom that came with their venture. “It’s been a happy 15 years,” remarked Cecilia Holden. “The biggest thing we got from buying the franchise was freedom. What we value more than anything else is that freedom, and that’s worth all the money in Ireland.”

The Holdens attribute this newfound freedom to the success and resilience they demonstrated in steering the activ Digital Marketing franchise through various challenges. Their ability to overcome obstacles allowed them to enjoy the true essence of their hard work—freedom, not just financial but the liberty to make life decisions that truly mattered.

“That freedom enabled us to up sticks and relocate to Ireland so John was able to be close to his mum for the last years of her life. Money can’t buy that. And moving here, I get to live the dream every day in my beloved mountains. Money can’t buy that either,” Cecilia added, emphasising the priceless nature of their journey.

John Holden reflected on the satisfaction of a well-made decision. “It was a good decision to buy the franchise, to stick at it through thick and thin. And finally now we’re off to enjoy our freedom in retirement.”

As the Holdens bid farewell to the business they nurtured and cherished, they expressed their heartfelt thanks to the dedicated team, clients, and partners who contributed to the success of activ Digital Marketing. “Thank you for everything over the years. We really are heartened to see the franchise going from strength to strength,” they jointly stated.

Activ Digital Franchise Managing Director Katie Bullon is proud of the successful business the Holden’s created, “The legacy of Cecilia and John Holden will undoubtedly endure in the continued success of activ Digital Marketing. They are a fantastic example of how the franchise can work for someone looking for more of a balanced lifestyle,” said Bullon.  “Their retirement marks the end of an era for them but the beginning of a new chapter for the activ Digital Franchise, inspired by the dedication and passion that defined the Holdens’ 15-year journey, we hope their success will inspire other potential activ Digital Franchisee’s  in 2024”.

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