To Zoom or Not To Zoom?

Are you torn between the convenience of a Zoom call or Google Meet and a face-to-face meeting?

Are you one of many professionals experiencing virtual meeting fatigue? Or does the convenience of popping a quick meeting in the diary that doesn’t require any travel have overall dominant benefits?

There are positives and negatives on both sides and many knee jerk meeting planning might determine which camp you prefer to be in but next time you book in a meeting. Here at one of the top UK digital franchise businesses- activ Marketing we hope that your decision will be more considered after reading this short article.

The choice between face-to-face meetings and Zoom depends on various factors and circumstances. There are a number of things to consider to determine which option might be best, one example is the importance of Non-Verbal cues. Face-to-face meetings allow for richer communication through non-verbal cues like facial expressions, body language, and eye contact. If these cues are essential for your interaction or if you are discussing sensitive or emotionally charged topics, face-to-face meetings are generally preferred.

If accessibility is a concern, or if participants are geographically dispersed, which we experience when speaking to prospective business owners looking at joining top digital marketing franchise activ Digital Marketing Group-Zoom can be a suitable choice. Zoom and other video conferencing platforms offer the convenience of connecting people from different locations without the need for travel. It can save time and resources, particularly for long-distance or international meetings.

Cost and logistics should also be considered. Typically Face-to-face meetings involve travel expenses, venue rentals, and other logistical arrangements. If budget constraints are a consideration or if organising an in-person meeting would be too complex, Zoom can be a cost-effective and efficient alternative. 

There is also the benefit of online meetings with regards to time. We all know there isn’t enough time in the day to get through the never-ending to-do list and online meetings can cut down on the time taken out of the day for meetings, however, I say this with a word of caution. The ease of online meeting scheduling can actually lead to more meetings being planned…because the diary is a little clearer. You have been warned!

We like to arrange face-to-face meetings here at activ Digital Head Office for our creative planning sessions. Brainstorming sessions, problem-solving discussions, or team-building activities, face-to-face meetings foster better engagement and creativity. However, for brief updates, presentations, or information sharing, Zoom can be a practical option.

There’s also one other consideration to think about and one I know will resonate with a lot of readers, Technical Considerations! Reliable internet connections, audio quality, and video resolution are crucial factors for effective communication during virtual meetings. 

We’ve all been there when Steve from HR is nattering away and there is no sound and there’s a collective “you’re on mute’ from the rest of the group. Therefore it’s important to ensure that all participants have the necessary equipment and stable internet connections if you opt for Zoom or other video conferencing platforms and that everyone is comfortable with that platform.

Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The best choice between face-to-face meetings and Zoom depends on your specific requirements, the nature of the interaction, and the constraints you face. We like to use a combination of both approaches here at activ, online sometimes, face-to-face on other occasions and sometimes hybrid meetings, where some participants join in person while others participate via video conferencing.

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