Bullon Bolsters Franchising Knowledge

activ Digital Marketing Franchisor Katie Bullon has taken steps to advance her franchising knowledge further by completing the certified Verified Franchising Professional Foundation Course. 

Bullon, who has owned the activ Digital Marketing Franchise since 2021, was awarded the accolade after completing the professional development course over the past 12 months, further securing her position as one of the leading digital marketing franchisors in the UK.

The Verified Franchising Professional course is a TILM-recognised course that is offered by Qualified Franchise Association and provides an opportunity for franchisors to further their knowledge of franchising. 

Over the four modules, participants gain an understanding of franchising, from establishing the brand identity, through to running a pilot operation and the importance of an operations manual. 

The course ensures Franchisors are well equipped with all the professional guidance necessary to run a successful franchise.

Managing Director of activ Digital Marketing Group Katie Bullon is delighted with her achievements and is enthusiastic about imparting this knowledge on to activ franchisees to ensure they have all the tools for a successful business,

“Being a former franchisee (turned franchisor), I have a huge amount of client and marketing experience, but being a franchisor is fairly new to me. 

“I explored the option of many formal qualifications to support activ as a whole in our growth as a franchise. This course felt like a great option given how rounded the modules are – plus I could do it in my own time,”

Bullon is a leader that believes in continuous professional development.

“This course has helped me uncover things that we were missing at activ but also highlighted things that we are already doing really well.

“Taking the time to compete this course really has been so worthwhile for my own professional development as well as activ as a franchise, our employees and of course our Franchisees”.

Katie would encourage other Franchisors to complete the course, 

“I’d highly recommend it to any franchisor looking to refine a strategy and make improvements,” said Bullon.

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