How to be your own boss at activ

be your own boss

If you’ve come back to work feeling rather deflated after the merriment of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, perhaps it’s time for a new challenge? Let us save you the hassle of googling ‘be your own boss ideas’ in 2023 and demonstrate just what it takes to be your own boss at a top digital marketing franchise with activ.

Using social media to gain new clients

top UK franchises

As an online marketing franchise, our digital strategy is hugely important to us and we often use social media to our advantage to gain new business. Whatever your business may be, whether it’s one of the top UK franchises(!) or a hair salon on the high street, our latest social media advice is something that can be adapted for everyone.

East Yorkshire digital marketer recognised for excellence in web design skills

‘Be your own boss’ they said, ‘it’ll be fun’ they said! And most of the time it absolutely is, but it takes a lot of hard work and organisation to start and continue to run your business efficiently and professionally. As one of the top UK franchises, we take a look at how important organisational skills are to the success of digital marketing franchises.

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